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Format your database and upload it.
Save your current database as a comma delimited (CSV) file and then upload it onto our secure server.
STEP 2 Match and Add Engine.
At this time your records are appended with e-mail addresses from our national master database.
STEP 3 Download your Appended File.
Upon successful completion of the append process your database will be ready to be downloaded onto your computer. Purchasing is optional.


Email Append Turn-Key Solution

(877) 576-2155

Client Success

Our dealership has over 30,000 clients on record and we had a 16% match rate. That gave us almost 4,500 email addresses. The service is awesome.

Frank McKnight - GM/Ford - San Diego, CA


I can't tell you how long I've been looking for an email append service like this. We actually have our client's email addresses now. Your website is so easy to use.

Peter Ross, Phd. - Web Works, LLC - Brooklyn, NY












Email Append - Find your customers' email addresses

AutoAppender is a premium service providing you the ability to add your client's email address to your database quickly and easily while maintaining affordable pricing. Many businesses are already using AutoAppender TM as a powerful email data appending service to increase sales and maintain a relationship with their clients.

Our national email database contains 97 million unique verified full-data, opt-in records in the following format: (name, address, city, state, zip code, date stamp, source, ip & email address). We will compare your database and automatically match "our name & postal addresses" with "your name & postal addresses". We will then provide you the exact email address for that client.

All of our records have been validated within the last 30 days for superior deliverability. This process minimizes undeliverable addresses and gives you the highest return on your investment.

AutoAppender Features:

  • Upload your client database to our secure server.
  • After uploading your database your format is verified and then matched against our national master database of 97 million. At this time your records are appended with email addresses from our file and you are able to view actual matches.
  • Upon successful completion of the "append process" your database is now be ready to be downloaded onto your computer.

The entire process takes just minutes to complete. Go ahead and Sign-Up and Upload your file right now.

Why Do I Need My Clients’ Email Addresses?

  • Save time and money when you market to your clients.
  • Develop a relationship with your clients.
  • Get a higher return on your investment.
  • You own the database, therefore so you can market to your clients electronically.
  • Know within minutes if you have a good offer.
  • No postage or printing costs.
  • Instant ad delivery.
  • Make new sales within minutes of sending your message.
  • All marketing campaigns are "Green Eco-Friendly".

Find out for yourself just how powerful the AutoAppender email data append suite is and what it can do for your business! Sign-Up now or call us at (877) 576-2155.




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